The Beatles Love Me Do 50th Anniversary Corrected Mispress? Well almost..

After EMI hastily withdrew the 50th Anniversary Beatles Love Me Do 7″ they decided to release a corrected version with the original single release as the A-Side.
The sleeve and vinyl at first glance look the same as the mispress, however this version has the Parlophone lettering in a silver gloss instead of the grey type face.
Interestingly, this release is still incorrect as it still has the incorrect catalogue number on its B-Side!
Here is my copy of the 7″ that arrived.


The Beatles Love Me Do 50th Anniversary Mispress!

Finally it arrived, not only with EMI incorrectly pressing the album version of the song without Ringo on drums, but with an incorrect catalogue number on the B-side making it now the most Ultra Rare 7″ of the 21st century.
EMI recalled the complete batch 2 days before release, however a small percentage of the 6,000 pressed got away.
Here is my copy of the Withdrawn Beatles 7″.


Latest Third Man Records Vinyl!

Flown over from Knoxville, the hard to find White Stripes Record Store Day 2011 Marbled releases and Karen Elson ‘Petal’ Clear vinyl, thanks to Sean.
The 2 UK RSD 2012 releases of the honey coloured Karen Elson 7″ and the White Stripes Transparent red 7″.
Finally the Black Belles Tri-color limited to just 100 worldwide which was only available at the top 5 record stores in the UK for one day only, 20 at each store. Great additions to my collection.