THE STRYPES Record Store Day 2013 UK Only 7″ Release of Blue Collar Jane

For Record Store Day 2013 The Strypes released an exclusive and numbered 7” gatefold vinyl of their single ‘Blue Collar Jane’ to mark the occasion in the UK only.
The exclusive vinyl was only available on the day and is individually numbered and limited to just 1,000.
This is their first Mercury Records release which sold out within hours.
Fortunately queuing overnight meant I could get hold of one with a low number in the one hundreds as pictured below.




The White Stripes Record Store Day 2013 Elephant 10th Anniversary Release

After queuing overnight for 12 hours I managed to purchase some really nice Record Store Day 2013 rare releases.
The White Stripes released a 10th Anniversary Edition of their mighty fine album Elephant on double vinyl. One on white vinyl, the other on split red and black vinyl.
Here is my purchase below, along with a fitting photo of the pressings and an indication of what the vinyl colours represent. Pretty smart.




THE STRYPES Young, Gifted & Blue Heavy Soul Debut 7″ EP

There’s a real buzz around The Strypes right now, and justifiably so. They have been compared to The younger Beatles and highly regarded by Noel Gallagher, Dave Grohl, Paul Weller and Elton John to name a few.
The Strypes debut copy of this 7” is strictly limited to just 250.
Having recently signed a five album deal with Mercury Records, in years to come, this will be one of the rarest recordings around.
Fortunately I managed to get the 7″ EP which is pictured below.


Willy Moon Railroad Track Tri-Colour 7″

Willy Moon released Railroad Track on 7″ at Third Man Records recently.
His recent tour brought him to the UK along with just 100 Tri-Colour 7″ singles that were only available for one day on a first come first served basis at Rough Trade Records East in London.
Although I missed the event, I still managed to find a brand new one as pictured below.


Jack White Blunderbuss Inverted Lightning Bolt Vinyl

To accompany my Vault 14 package, the strictly limited pressing of Blunderbuss by Jack White arrived in the form of the highly sought after Inverted Lightning Bolt pressing.
These were only available to Vault Platinum members for a short period of time to preorder and pressed to a quantity just to fulfil the take up.
Here is mine that arrived just after my Vault 14 package arriving.


Third Man Records – Jack White Vault 14 Package Arrives!

International orders were sent out first this time by Third Man Records for Vault Platinum members.
Jack White’s Vault 14 was delivered in time for Christmas. Not only a Blunderbuss Blue 7″ of demos, but also a Double Live LP of Blunderbuss with a Holographic cover by Jack White was also included.
And… The double LP is pressed on amazing Black and Bright Blue Split Vinyl!
Here is mine that arrived.